It seems like theses days my plans never seem to go as planned. It has been a tough year, of planning and re planning. We planned to build a house, but it didn’t go as expected and so we moved forward with an attempt to purchasing a home, that didn’t go as planned either. We then began debating on a tiny house which comes with its own hoops to jump through. We even looked at a bus for a conversion. Fortunately, all the above plans are still options it just comes down to the Decisions, decisions………which is certainly not my strong suit!

Plans are a great thing to have but they often change and when they do it can be hard to get back on track. Does this happen to you? I feel like my husband and I are in a circle with 10 paths and we just keep spinning in a circle trying to choose which path to take.

I saw a great quote the other day written by Elisabeth Elliot “don’t dig up doubt what you planted in faith”― Every time I begin to doubt I remember that I planted this journey in faith and I have no reason to doubt. It’s ok that plans change because sometimes the plan that changed ends up turning into another plan that’s even better!

Although plans are forever changing, our visions often remain the same.



  1. Yes, sometimes you wonder why things never work out, but then realize that in the end, things work out the way they are supposed to. Sometimes you wait a long time, but I believe there is a reason you go through so many trials and errors. Be patient always, for there is a plan.


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