Beginning something new is very exciting and scary.


So here I am….

I am here to share my journey with you (slightly nervous). I haven’t reached my goals yet or even come close but I’m in the early stages and we all have to start somewhere right?

We all have a beginning… bloggers, photographers, etc. Β Everyone starts somewhere and the start is always at the beginning.

I am not a well-rehearsed writer, or a blog specialist, or even that great at computers to be honest, But I have a dream and I intend to follow it in hopes that others will enjoy & follow along.

We must learn to not be scared to do something new, to dream, to create a life we want to live. We must take a leap!

I am beginning my blog journey along with a few other projects my husband and I have in mind. We have so many ideas and it’s all exciting and all a new beginning for us.

I have always followed the “straight & narrow” of traditional living guidelines such as Get good grades, good attendance, graduate, go to college, get a 9-5/40 hrsΒ a week, buy a house, have kids… Well, I don’t like traditional and I don’t want to live my life doing something that I don’t want to do, I want to make a living LIVING! I have made a new beginning, and it starts TODAY!

Stay tuned for whats to come…



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